Hotel technology made Simple

apaleo is the easiest to use property management system that connects to all your favorite hotel technology


You’re busy. You probably feel understaffed. And there is always a new fire to fight. apaleo is so easy to use that you can have new employees using it in minutes. We invest a lot into automated and user testing to make sure that it stays this way. And, if anything is unclear, support is right around the corner.


Who wants to be tied to their desktop? Not us. We’ve built apaleo so it works on your computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone, or whatever fun little piece of hardware you want to use. This means you can always access apaleo from any place within the hotel or on the go – all you need is internet connection.


We’re getting technology hassles out of your way, so you can focus on your guests. Some of them are totally mobile - when looking for your hotel, when booking, when checking in, while at the hotel, and afterwards. So, we support the full modern day, mobile guest journey, pre-stay, in-house, and post-stay.


We think of cool features to save you time and headaches. For example, it’s pretty awful when a guest runs off without paying. That’s why we automatically grab the money. It’s also annoying to enter payments from your PMS to the payment terminal and back, so we connected it.


Here’s our favorite part: apaleo connects to any technology so that you can scale up, down, or sideways. This keeps your hotel future-proof. Revenue management system? Yup. CRM? You betcha. Upselling tool? Plug 'er in. In-room voice control? Sure. Some crazy app that you built yourself? Go for it.

Is it just us, or is PMS pricing always really confusing?

And why does it always feel like a rip off? Here’s the deal – we don’t charge set up fees, we don’t charge integration fees, and we don't work off of huge seven-year long contracts. We believe in clear and transparent pricing. Period.

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